American Sign Language Sample Course

American Sign Language Sample Course


Instructor Contact Information:

Professor: Hannah Cheloha
Phone: 480-461-7031
Office: TBA
Office Hours: By Appointment

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Quick Links to Modules

green icon.png Week 1

Aug 20th -

Aug 26th

green icon.png Week 2

Aug 27th -

Sept 2nd

green icon.png Week 3

Sept 3rd -

Sept 9th

green icon.pngWeek 4

Sept 10th -

Sept 16th

green icon.png Week 5

Sept 17th -

Sept 23rd

green icon.png Week 6

Sept 24th -

Sept 30th

green icon.png Week 7

Oct 1st - 

Oct 7th

green icon.png Week 8

Oct 8th - 

Oct 14th

green icon.png Week 9

Oct 15th -

Oct 21st

green icon.png Week 10

Oct 22nd -

Oct 28th

green icon.png Week 11

Oct 29th - 

Nov 4th

green icon.png Week 12

Nov 5th -

Nov 11th

 green icon.png Week 13

Nov 12th -

Nov 18th

 green icon.png Week 14

Nov 19th - 

Nov 25th

 green icon.png Week 15

Nov 26th -

Dec 2nd

 green icon.png Week 16

Dec 3rd - 

Dec 9th