Career and Technical Education 230: Instructional Technology

Career and Technical Education 230: Instructional Technology
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Click HERE to go to our Resources Page for additional information and materials.  We will be updating this page throughout the course so make sure to check it often!


Welcome to the ST4STEM Project, and Open Content Course CTE 230!


Please read this page carefully. 

Why are we here? This course is a product of the Student and Teacher Technology Transformation Teams (ST4) grant funded by the National Science 

Foundation. Our primary goal is to create teams of students and teachers, who by working collaboratively on creating and integrating technology and design-based
learning activities, can transform the way content is presented in participants' classrooms. Other goals include: 

  • Building a foundation in the understanding and development of project-based learning activities
  • Introducing participants to a wide range of information and communications technology (ICT) tools, and developing an understanding of how and why to use
    these technologies specifically in conjunction with design-based learning
  • Providing information about a variety of careers via presentations by industry experts, other teachers and students, and tours of labs and business facilities
  • Meeting course competencies for CTE 230 (see syllabus) 

This experience includes the most important elements of effective teacher professional development including ongoing learning, institutional support, hands-on 
classroom-based experience and mentoring, as well as activities that are integrated with your goals and occupational interests.  This online course has been
designed to help you transform your teaching. You will learn how to use information communications technologies to support STEM activities in your classroom,
and increase the ability for you and your students to collaboratively learn and apply these skills. You will leave the course with learning labs and activities specific
to your content area that utilize the engineering design process and technology!



Each week, along with course content, we will be including Be Inspired! videos, virtual field trips, Google Hangouts and our very own ST4 TV videos.  These course components offer inspiration, provide case studies of design-based learning in action, and address career pathways, current issues, and content featuring a specific STEM field.  We recommend you watch EVEN if they do not support your content area.  We have found there are almost always wonderful "nuggets" of information that you may find inspiring or that trigger your next great idea!

Fellows, always look at the "Fellows Only" section for specific instructions or tasks.  For additional information and assistance, all participants should look for the following icons in each module: Non-Grant Participants, Classroom Integration, and Pedagogy and Learning Notes. 

These icons will feature tips and recommendations appropriate to the content studied in each module.  International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) professional standards are located in 3D GameLab. 

NGPicon.png   classroomintegration.png pedagogylearningnotes.png


After you are done reading this page and the Syllabus,